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December 24th 2012:

Merry Christmas from Wave World!!!

Wave World USA Tour Poster

April 16th 2012:

Time for takeoff! Follow our tour on Facebook and Twitter

Wave World USA Tour Poster

October 6th 2011:

On October 1st, Wave World played a live concert in Gütersloh, Germany at the Electronic Circus Festival. After a five year hiatus Wave World performed a completely new show based on their recent albums "Hieroglyphs" and "Tableaux". For the first time live VJ graphics were used, based on Rolf's 3D graphics. Gert made this cool first impression of the show and the preparations.

January 22th 2011:

After some years of daytime job work overload, lots of questions from fans, and even more requests for new music and concerts, Wave World has decided it is time for action again. We are just back from a very inspiring pre-production meeting, and we’re pleased to inform all of you that Wave World is back in business.

The most important news is, that fresh plans have been made for finishing our new album – the long awaited double DVD Membrane. Work on the first DVD is almost finished, and a secret concert has been done to test the waters (2009). In the mean time, Waveworld’s Computer Graphics Studio is already working on creating new stunning 3D visuals for the DVD’s… and the next concert series!

Yes, that’r right. Autumn 2011 Wave World will kick of their next tour with a completely new show including all new images plus some amazing new music from Membrane.

Check the MEMBRANE website for more information – and for sneak previes of the DVD and the show!

September 25th 2010:

Wave World is becoming more and more active on the social media networks. Of course since 2006 we are om MySpace: But we have a growing fanpage on Facebook: and we are more and more active on twitter:
For those using Lastfm, we also have a Lastfm page: And of course there is our Youtube Channel:
For a band using graphics as significant part of our act, we realize we could improve our presence on Youtube with cool video's. At the moment that is first priority and we are working on some cool new videos.

March 27th 2010:

Being dependant on regular jobs for our daily bread and beer, these jobs have taken over all parts of our lives in recent years. The most recent updates on our new website even date from November last year! Although we are still working on our new projects "Membrane" and "The Laax Enigma", we have not made any progress – except in our dreams! We can be glad, though, that these dreams are gorgeous!
Many big accomplishments have started with a dream, and as long as we dream, there is hope!.
At the moment we are planning some major changes in our working lives, and we expect this will have its effect on Wave World as well.

Apart from our main website, we will be launcing three (!) other Wave World related websites, each focussing on one of our new projects that will be developed during the coming months/years/decennia/millennia

Go to the "Wave World Special" section on our site, and take a sneak peak at our new sites and projects!