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Welcome on the official Wave World Website!:

Wave World is a Dutch/Canadian multimedia project attracting quite a lot of attention for its fascinating music and enchanting shows. During live performances, their impressive music is blended with computer-generated graphics of a virtual world, projected on a huge screen.
Wave World's extraordinary music style can best be described as modern space music with dance influences. The enthralling shows carry the audience away to an alien world, that might exist in another time and another dimension

In addition to the audio-visual concert format, Wave World releases CD's, DVD's and other media, continually expanding their spectacular universe.
Wave World members are: Harry Kessels, Gert van Santen and Rolf van Slooten, who share a common passion for music, computer graphics, science fiction and weirdness in general.

History of Wave World:

Gert has a long history of making music in, and producing music for numerous acts and projects, from jazz-rock to techno and completely spaced out electronic stuff. He has released many cassettes and CD's. Examples are Modern Management (1987), Bats in the Belfry (1992) and Tibet Passage (1993)
Gert and Harry met in 1995 at a local concert in The Netherlands, where they decided "to produce a commercial album". This resulted in the album "Aware", which was released under the name of "Solipsist Paradise". The track "Biosphere", which is also on this album, was remixed by Klaus Schulze, when Gert won a contest for German magazine Keyboards. "Aware" received great reviews and got quite some airplay on Dutch regional and national radio. A popular dj mentioned that the songs were of "un-Dutch quality." Solipsist Paradise was even asked to perform a live-song on a national television show. At the moment, Gert and Harry are working on a follow-up, including a CD-single. They are working together now with longtime friend and producer Diff.

In 1997, Harry and Gert decided they needed a new challenge. One year later they finished their first Wave World album "Species" with modern Ambient music and slowly evolving soundscapes. Dutch label Quantum Records was very much impressed by the music, and released it on CD during the spring of 1999. "Species" got raving international reviews, resulting in the duo being asked to perform live. This was when they met Rolf van Slooten, one of Holland's leading computer graphics artists and managing director of Virtual Factory CG+, who, amongst others, produced all special effects for the popular motion picture "Abeltje".

Rolf was very much inspired by Wave World's music, and after some hours of extremely productive brainstorming, the triumvirate boldly decided they would create a complete universe around Wave World by producing a motion picture and lots of music. Since Gert is also a longtime translator for Meulenhoff - the largest publisher of science fiction novels in The Netherlands - and because he had already written other stories, he decided to start writing the tale of Wave World also in the form of a science fiction novel - of course with the help of his two partners in crime.

WaveWorld Roothills
While Gert and Harry started rehearsing for the concert, Rolf developed a completely strange and wondrous world with his computers. During the concert, Rolf's movie was projected on a huge 7x3 screen with a powerful 7,000 ANSI-lumen video-beamer. It was was a huge success. Many visitors mentioned they had "never seen anything like it."
Immediately after this first gig, Wave World was asked to perform at the Netherlands Film and Television Academy in Amsterdam. Rumours about the show were spreading fast, and Wave World was soon invited - always as a main act - at international festivals and concerts, e.g. the 7th Alfa Centauri Festival in The Netherlands (March 2000), the 'Music for the Third Millennium' Festival in London (October 2000), the KOMP festival in Poland (June 2001) and a concert at 'The Gathering' in Philadelphia, U.S.A. (autumn 2001).

At present, Wave World has produced eight albums with modern Ambient Electronic Music and a DVD: "Species", "Structures", "Dimensions", "Another strange day on Gonxa", "Cloudseeder", "The Winds of Laax", "Tableaux" and "Hieroglyphs", The first three albums are also available in a luxurious box-set containing all three CD's. Wave World also released a CD single that was released at the KOMP festival in Poland, June 15, 2001,containing a dance, club and ambient mix of it's dance track "SPHERE". The track is accompanied by mindblowing computer graphics.